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✨ Happy new year 2022 !!! ✨

Happy new year

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Full Garrison

As mentioned before, full garrison of four surrounding outposts is required to unlock all Hymnoi Warriors and Heroes in the main map.

Garrison 4
FIN-TS with full Garrison

Does it matter how many operators per garrison?

Not really. It’s just a general rule, but it’s typically a lot better to use a few operators in the garrison so you have more flexibility on the final stage and deal with the extra enemies they add for each garrison.

Timewise, its most efficient to defeat all 4 and auto that. If you leak them all you’ll get 20 of the 35 sanity refunded and only the base 3 medals instead of 7. Sanitywise, it doesn’t matter because both the training stages and the final one give 1 medal per 5 sanity.

 [Arknights] (Interlocking Competition ~ Hymnoi Wisdom) [FIN-TS] Garrison 4 + Pallas Special Deputy

 [Arknights] (Interlocking Competition) 320+ Medals and Ending

アークナイツ BGM - Path 30min | Arknights/明日方舟 OST

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