Blog 12-17-21

▣ Twilight of Wolumonde Rerun:

We… take Atro home

I got  Liskarm from a Defender tag today.

5★ Defender Liskarm

And got her to Pot2:

Liskarm’s Token
Pot2 Liskarm

 [Arknights] Guardian Mode, Son!

Why do I choose Amiami?  Read here

I can’t resist the cuteness of this nendoroid and preorder her. The estimated delivery date is June 2022. I’m hoping to receive my first nendoroid purchase without problem.

  • Go to Cloud Credentials page and Click on Create Credentials and select Service Account.
  • You’ll get email id of service account, add that email to your Shared Drive as atleast viewer access.
  • Go to keys and and add key and then download JSON file of key.

▣ Custom domain for Cloudflare Workers.


▣ Click on the Workers tab on your Cloudflare dashboard. On Trigger Tab, click the “Add Route” button. Type your desired custom domain in the “Route” box. Make sure you add an asterisk (*) to the end of the domain if you want the route to work for all subfolders/pages.


I recently purchased  The Stillness of the Wind because it was on my wish list and was on sale.(80% off)

EXP before buying
Steam Points Gain
EXP after buying ~ gain 1 EXP (!?)