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Fast Redeploy + Crowd Control + Senior Operator (optional) =  Projekt Red

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  • My Advance Certificates (before): 477. Projekt Red Duplicate: 477 + 5 = 482.

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    "id": "root",
    "name": "Drive Two",
    "protect_file_link": false,
    "auth": {"username":"password", "username1":"password1"} /* Remove double slash before "auth" to activate id password protection */

Issue: If I set a username/password then  JDownloader is unable to access the link (*, it said “No valid account found!workers”, even if I try adding this account in Setting -> Basic Authenticator of JDownloader. However, the link works fine without a username or password.

Fixes ?: You can choose hoster * and add an account to it. Now everything seems to work fine.

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